What is bounce rate in seo

What is bounce rate in seo

How to reduce Bounce Rate Kya Hai and what is its role in ranking

Bounce  Rate What friends, you know that what is bounce rate and it reduces how and how much important role plays you know the full detail on this topic in today's Google ranking I am giving

Friends, if you are a blogger, then you must be aware of the bounce rate, how important it is and when you look at the analytics of your website,  then you must also have seen your bounce rate.

Do you know what its importance is in your blog or website and what can be the difference in your blog if the bounce rate is low and high, you will not know that today I will tell you how much bounce rate your website should have

Bounce Rate Kya Hai

Bounce Rate Kya Hai This is the part of your blog or website that shows how satisfied your audience is with your content, ie the visitors who are coming to your blog, how good your content is as much as your content. There are chances of lowering your bounce rate.

The more good and quality content you put on your blog, the more people will stay in your blog and the blog will fall and the post will also need to be posted. This will give you more page views and the more page views, the lower your bounce rate. And you will be able to rank well in Google

Example: Suppose if my website has a bounce rate of 50%, then it means that 50% of the people come back to my website on only one page, then this is called Bounce  Rate  and the lower it is the higher your Would be good for website

That is, if a visitor came to your blog and he/she took one of your posts and then went back to return, then it bounces you a lot.

What should be the bounce rate

Friends, I hope that you have understood that after all Bounce Rate Kya Hai, now I will tell you here how much the bounce rate should be, if your blog's bounce rate is more than this, then you will have to work on it, which will further bounce you. I will give some tips to reduce

  • 10% to 30%
  • 40 to 50%
  • 60 to 70%

Friends here, I have told you the percentage of bounce rate, if the bounce rate of your website is 10 to 30%, then this bounce rate is very good and if it is from 40 to 50% then it is also a normal  and correct bounce rate but still, You should reduce it chaise

And if the bounce rate of your website is 60 to 70% or more, then it is considered very bad bounce rate, you should take it seriously and reduce it.

What causes the bounce rate more

Friends, when a newbie starts her blog, due to less knowledge of blogging, she makes some mistakes due to which the bounce rate of the website goes much later, here I  will tell some mistakes that new bloggers often make on their blog.

This is a mistake most new bloggers make when they don't have the right way to write content, they don't know in the beginning how to write content and how to make content attractive.  

Not having good website design is also a reason to increase the bounce rate because nowadays it is very important to have good blog design i.e. user-interface.
This is also the biggest reason for the decrease in website speed, because of the increase in bounce rate, often new bloggers buy a cheap hosting, which reduces the speed of your website completely and takes a long time to open, which causes the user to get upset. 

Leaves your website quickly

Lack of quality content can be the biggest reason for the increase in bounce rate, so we always add content that helps others a lot and solves the problem of other people.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Friends will tell you here Bounce  R Ate Reduce Kaise Kare from I'll share some tips with you that you can reduce bounce rate of your website will be

Quality and Attractive Content

Friends, if you want to reduce your bounce rate, then always write such content so that your visitors get some good information from your content and also solve their problem, which will make them trust your blog and they will get more information on your website. There will be different sounding articles to get that your bounce rate will be very good.

Post Interlinking must do

Friends, many new bloggers do not do internal linking inside their article, which is very wrong. If you want to reduce the bounce rate of your website, then always do internal linking within your post and do not do much internal-linking in the post and whatever. Link the article on the topic to the same article in the post

Create Blog Design Attractive

Yes friends, do not ignore this thing at all, as much as the design of  a good and unique attractive  blog will be, the more the user will go to the different page of your website, so in today's time it is very important to have a good user-interface, so that the bounce rate more chances of being short  on caregiving

Website Loading Speed

Friends, always pay attention to the loading speed of your website because if your website is delayed in opening, then the user quickly goes back upset because they are short of content, not from your website, otherwise they will get the information from someone else's website but in it You may have to suffer loss, so correct your website speed.

Keep Paragraph Length short

Yes, friends, while writing your article, keep the length of your paragraph short so that the user does not have trouble in getting your article and that should not be longer than the line 3 of each paragraph for you and the blog.

Do not put too much Ad in Blog Post

Friends, take special care of this, do not fill your blog post more than the ad, due to which the user goes back irritated and your bounce gets increased by this much, so always do not put more ad in your blog post than a 1000 word article. 5 add form is correct

What is the role of Bounce Rate in ranking

Friends, now let us know whether the bounce rate in the right determines how the ranking of our website will be if I speak according to our experience, then it plays a role in the ranking, though this analytics  is designed only for the user so that you can get your website To  know about the performance of

But indirectly it plays a huge role in ranking your website because if a visitor is not satisfied with the content of your blog and leaves your blog quickly then Google detects it with its algorithm.

Whether or not the user is satisfied with your website and Google always looks forward to the same website in search results, so that the users are fully satisfied with the content, so the bounce rate ranking plays a very important role indirectly.

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